Eyes tell a story.  A physical story and a spiritual story.  They are a vital sense of the physical body and reflect character, feelings and emotions.  As one walks through the city, he or she will see love, anger, desire, sorrow, passion, pride and malice reflected in the eyes of people.  A person will see healthy eyes, blind eyes, supported eyes, diseased eyes.  Eyes of all of all colors, shapes and sizes.  Eyes are the narrator of a person’s story.
Eyes symbolize spiritual conditions.  Eyes that are closed to God and seek darkness.  Eyes that are blinded by sin and rebel against all goodness.  Eyes that are fixed upon the things of this world.  Idolatrous eyes, haughty eyes, lustful eyes, covetous eyes, evil eyes.  These are the eyes of humanity apart from God.

But God with his great mercy and grace, lights up the eyes of humanity by reveling his glory and love.  He attracts the eyes of his beloved creation and with one glance, a heart can be captured; the veil from the eyes removed.  God transforms and opens the eyes of people to his holiness and power giving them spiritual vision and understanding.  These eyes lift up to the Lord, seeking to live with him, focusing on righteousness, purity, compassion and truth.  Human eyes will ultimately see God in his fullness; the King in all his splendor.  The eyes of the beloved will look into the eyes of the lover.  As Christians, our eyes tell this story.  God’s story, our story.

My eyes have a story to tell.  A physical story about growing up with dry, irritated, allergic, red eyes and having difficulty looking at people and allowing people to look at me.  It took most of my life to arrive at a place with clear eyes and to have the confidence that my eyes look okay; although, I still run away from cats, look with suspicion at pollen producing plants and avoid walking down the laundry detergent aisle with all the scents.

My eyes tell a spiritual story of being blinded by evil and seeking the things or the world.  The things that bring pain, sorrow, and emptiness.  The things that moths eat, rust destroys and thieves break in and steal.  The world promises happiness and prosperity but at the end of the day, the world fails to fulfill the desires of my heart.  In this condition, God catches my gaze and draws me to him.  My eyes see the glory of the Lord; my eyes are purified; my eyes light up for Jesus.  Jesus fulfills my desires.

However, many times my spiritual eyesight becomes poor again.  My vision and understanding becomes small and my eyes focus on the things of this world rather than on the things of God’s kingdom.  I try to fulfill my desires by seeking the treasures of earth.  I have desires; we all do, and God created us this way.  The problem is not the desires, but rather my desires are too small.  My spiritual eyes too weak.  I need a bigger vision of God, and my desires need to be higher. Desires beyond my earthly existence.  Desires for the treasures of heaven.  Desires of God’s kingdom work throughout the world.

Please comment. Some refuting comments may require research citations since I use them in much of my writing.

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