Thanksgiving: Part 1

A voice calls out to a nation, to a people who turn their backs on God.  They forsake him, shutting the doors of their hearts, extinguishing the lamps of their lives.  Lips refusing to offer prayers and worship before the creator.  Hands neglecting to serve the almighty.
A voice saying, dedicate yourself to God and follow his divine enlightenment.  Return to his loving embrace and do not be stiff necked.  He has chosen you to be his beloved people, the recipients of his manifold blessings.  Worship the Lord, offer yourselves, present your thank offerings of praise. Thanksgiving!

A voice cries from the depths saying, I am banished from the sight of God.  The waves of distress swept me under.  The muck of the world chokes me.  Evil swirls all around me, threatening destruction.  From the pit, I look to the holy heavens, asking God for help.  He listens to my cry and answers me by bringing my life up from the abyss.  He plants me firmly on strong ground and covers me with his mercy and grace; therefore, I sing a song of thanksgiving to the God of my salvation.

A divine voice declares that a place that was once a desolate waste will again generate the sounds of joy, gladness and celebration.  My people will bring me renown and honor before the world.  The nations will tremble at the abundant prosperity and peace I provide for my children.  I will do great things for them, and they will bring thanksgiving saying, “Give thanks to the Lord almighty for the Lord is good his love endures forever.”

Please comment. Some refuting comments may require research citations since I use them in much of my writing.

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