I’m ready, God, so ready,
ready from head to toe,
Ready to sing, ready to raise a tune

And then ca-pow! That’s my humanness hitting me in the chest.

If Only Jesus

The loss of a brother and a friend,
I feel the days will never end.
My eyes cannot contain my tears,
The grief brings forth my lonely fears.
In the midst of pain my body aches,
From the deathly shadow my psyche shakes.
Legs that once stood me tall,
Collapse me to a prostrate fall.

If only Jesus, if only Jesus.

His love and comfort I could feel,
A genuine kindness was so real.
His gregarious smile lit up a room,
Canceling any trace of dusky gloom.
His piercing eyes so open and free,
A reconciled soul one could see.
Willingness to serve the other,
I’m so proud he was my brother.

If only Jesus, if only Jesus.

There is hope and I will say,
My brother will rise on that day.
Then Messiah arrives on the scene,
For God’s glory he intervenes.
With a weeping and angry tone,
“Go ahead, remove the stone!”
My brother’s stinky wraps untied,
Raised to life and at my side.