Loving Ourselves Correctly

Upon experiencing the unconditional love of God, are human insecurities are transformed, and we gain a deep sense of significance and security allowing us to become more human.  A proper understanding of how God sees us will develop a healthy self-image or a self-love from a Biblical view as defined by Boa, “loving ourselves correctly means seeing ourselves as God sees us.” This addresses identity, “Who am I?” or “What defines me?” We can define ourselves, or others can define us, in all sorts of ways, but what ultimately matters is how God defines his created people.  Through his grace towards us, our identity is formed and wrapped up in loving relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Kenneth Boa writes,

“Grace also tells us that we have become new creatures in Christ, having been transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of his light, life, and love. In him, we now enjoy complete forgiveness from sins and limitless privileges as unconditionally accepted members of God’s family. Our past has been changed because of our new heredity in Christ, and our future is secure because of our new destiny as members of his body.” [1]


[1] Kenneth Boa. Conformed to His Image: Biblical and Practical Approaches to Spiritual Formation (Grand Rapids, Mich: Zondervan, 2001), Google Play edition, 36.